Welcome to the
Department of Technology!


We provide technology resources and support to Park Hill students, staff and parents. Our focus is on enhancing student learning at every level through innovative technology solutions, powerful and secure networks, and world-class customer service and support.


Students and staff

Entering a Help Desk ticket is the best way to let us know something's gone wrong, or to request a new technology resource. Staff and students can enter tickets through the Help Desk on the Application Portal.

Phone Support
Staff, parents, and students

For phone support, call ext. 5000 or 816-359-5000.

Help Desk Support Specialists are available via phone or chat Monday - Friday, 7am-8pm, excluding school holidays.

We've temporarily extended our available Help Desk hours to accommodate staff, parents, and students who may be working and learning in the evening. We will regularly evaluate the need for expanded hours moving forward.

Chat Support
Staff only

To chat with a Help Desk support specialist, log into the Help Desk ticketing system and click the Chat icon during regular Help Desk hours. 

About the Department

The Park Hill Department of Technology provides instructional and business technology resources and support to district students, staff and parents. The resources and support are provided to enhance student learning in a globally connected world, increase productivity through the use of innovative solutions, augment safety through the use of video and access security, and enhance communication through voice, email and other communication networks.


  • Increase the knowledge of staff members regarding use of technology
  • Increase the use of technology by students to support learning
  • Increase the number of students and staff who feel they have access to current technologies, software, and telecommunications
  • Increase end user satisfaction with technology.


Derrick Unruh
Derrick Unruh
Director of Technology 
(816) 359-6972
The Director of Technology oversees and coordinates all department operations, develops and manages the department budget, coordinates with all district departments to supply them with vital technology resources, and administers technology user polices for district staff and students per board policy, in addition to many other duties.

The Administration team assists the Director and the department as a whole with administrative and operative duties. 


Technology Support Services

Chris Bejcek
Chris Bejcek
Manager of Technology Support Services
(816) 359-6875
The Technology Support Services group provides support for all the district’s individual devices, such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and phones. Technology Support Specialists (TSS) work directly in the school buildings to help with day to day troubleshooting, and the Help Desk is available to any staff member or student in need of technology assistance.


Network and Infrastructure

trevor lamme image
Trevor Lamme
Manager of Network and Infrastructure
(816) 359-6708
The Network and Infrastructure team installs and maintains the district’s physical networking systems and hardware, such as the data storage servers, the phone system, wireless internet hubs, and over 285 miles of network cables throughout the district. This team is also responsible for installing and maintaining all audio-visual systems, such as projectors, sound systems and SMART Boards.


Data Systems

steve altenhofen image Stephen Altenhofen
Manager of Enterprise Systems and Information
(816) 359-6819
The Data Systems team maintains and troubleshoots the operation of nearly all applications used by the district, including vital systems like the student information system, Infinite Campus, and the learning management system, Schoology.


Projects and Training

Kara Hevalow
Kara Hevalow
Manager of Projects & Training
(816) 359-6996
This team helps to foster the connection between the Department of Technology and its customers. We work to develop clear and consistent messages with relevant, accurate and timely information to our customers. We also provide necessary training and resources with the emergence of new technology implementations and innovations.