Mental Wellness

Supporting staff in challenging times webinar

We have been working hard to support our students, but that doesn’t eliminate the trauma that we are all feeling right now. We are hosted a webinar series for all Park Hill staff, to help us cope with this challenging time.

We examined the different types of trauma and how they relate to this pandemic, identified our stress responses, identified signs and symptoms of secondary trauma and burnout, and reviewed how to practice self-care and maintain resilience, all while supporting our students.

Jamie Wehmeyer, a licensed clinical social worker who is an expert in resilience, led this webinar and will give us tangible ways to practice self-care.

See the webinar here and access the presentation here


Supporting staff in challenging times: employee assistance program (eap) resources for increasing our resilience 

During times like this, taking care of our mental health and building our resilience is just as important as washing our hands. We hosted a 30-minute webinar to learn more about free and confidential resources available through our Saint Luke’s LIFEWISE EAP!

Mary Ortiz, account services leader for Saint Luke's LIFEWISE Employee Assistance Program, shared information on Park Hill employee EAP benefits. Mary is a licensed clinical social worker and has been part of the EAP staff at St. Luke's since 1997. In addition to her EAP work, Mary provides coaching, consultation and training for individuals, teams and organizations in areas of social and emotional wellness.

See the webinar here and access the presentation here