Approved Applications


The Park Hill School District is committed to providing digital access for learning through online resources, tools, and applications. This page is designed to provide information regarding the use and access of these tools within the school district as outlined by district policies and federal law.

Protecting Our Students

Park Hill School District teachers strive to provide students with a robust and meaningful classroom experience, which often includes the use of various web-based technology tools, applications, and services. In order to ensure our student, staff and district data is kept secure and confidential, each application used by district staff must be vetted by the Department of Technology. This allows the Department of Technology to evaluate the application’s privacy policy, terms of service, age restrictions, advertisements, technical quality, accuracy, etc., and allows teachers to focus on using the approved applications in their classrooms.

Approved and Recommended Applications

As each course, classroom, and teacher has unique technology needs, it is important that teachers and students have input when choosing which applications meet their educational needs. This is why our vast list of approved applications may include many programs that have similar functionality, and newly approved applications are constantly being added. The Department of Technology believes that having an extensive list of approved applications will allow teachers to choose the application that best meets the needs of their classrooms.

Approved Applications List


Submitting an Application Request

Teachers and other staff may discover applications that meet an need in their classroom or workspace which is not already being met by an existing application. In these cases, staff members can submit the application to the Department of Technology for approval. We ask that all employees please use the flowchart below to briefly evaluate the application and identify if they should submit an application request.

application flow chart image

When a teacher is ready to submit an application request, they should use the online Help Desk request system to submit requests using the Software Application Request template.After submitting a request, a teacher will receive communication from the Department of Technology within two days. It may take up to two weeks for requests to be processed, though some applications may be approved more quickly, depending on the complexity of the program.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Technology Help Desk.