Professional Studies

Professional Studies provides meaningful connections for students to their future education and career paths. Students will learn key professional skills, which colleges and employers tell us are important to future success.

Students who participate in professional studies programs will have an advantage in admission to college and applications to careers because of their experiences, professional skills and references from employers.  Students interested in applying for the professional studies program need to turn in a completed application to their guidance counselor.

LEAD Innovation Studio



Students experience a full-day program at the LEAD Innovation Studio in a leased office space, where they immerse themselves in a flexible, personalized learning environment, focused on problem-solving skills, project-based learning and professional experiences. 

At the LEAD Innovation Studio, students take an active role in their learning, while teachers provide the support and mentoring all students need. Cutting-edge technology allows students to work toward their individual goals with teachers facilitating their learning.

The program started in the 2017-2018 school year with freshmen attending a full-day program at the LEAD Innovation Studio while 11th and 12th graders were able to enroll in a half-day program, including professional studies internships, fanning out across the community to learn directly from professionals in the fields that interest them.

Over the following years, the full-day program at the LEAD Innovation Studio expanded to include sophomores, juniors and finally seniors in the 2020-2021 school year, with the upperclassmen continuing to experience professional studies internships.

While students take all their classes at the LEAD Innovation Studio, they are still Park Hill High School Trojans or Park Hill South Panthers, and they can participate in activities at their home high schools, such as band, sports and dances.

All students who will be in the Park Hill School District as ninth or 10th graders for the 2018-2019 school year are eligible to enroll in the LEAD Innovation Studio. Students will have the opportunity to submit enrollment paperwork for LEAD during the enrollment period. This will be in mid-January for Park Hill High School, and early February for Park Hill South High School. Space is limited so students need to submit their enrollment paperwork during that standard enrollment period. 

Students who are new to the Park Hill School District may choose LEAD when they enroll, even if that is during the school year. 

For questions about the enrollment process, or if LEAD is a good fit for your student, contact the LEAD Innovation Studio at (816) 359-4130


The Park Hill Professional Studies provides students with authentic learning experiences and meaningful professional connections.  Through partnerships with individuals and businesses, Professional Studies connects what is being taught in the classroom and what occurs in the workplace.  Professional experiences are aligned with student's interests, talents, and passions, and students discover first-hand the relevancy of what they are learning in the classroom and how that applies to college and career opportunities.

Business partnerships

Park Hill's Professional Studies business partnerships provide our students with a firsthand perspective of the professional skills and responsibilities required on the job.  Our partners provide students with authentic learning experiences establishing a clear connection between education and work.  Students select an internship based on personal career interest and gain hands-on professional experiences.  If you would like to be a Park Hill Professional Studies business partner, please sign up here.


Professional mentors 
Local professionals will serve as screened volunteers who provide guidance and expertise to students in their career explorations. 

Students will work in local workplaces, learning from professionals as they participate in authentic career experiences.

Health Sciences
Students have the opportunity to pursue a career path in the Health Sciences Industry. This course is currently offered onsite at St. Luke’s North Hospital. Health Sciences combines professional-based classroom learning with four, two-week internship experiences in the healthcare industry. Students will acquire professional skills in the area of health care, learn about different types of healthcare delivery systems, explore a variety of legal and ethical issues related to medicine, and develop an individual career plan for post-secondary planning. Students gain CPR/AED certification and HIPPA training/certification.

College and career experiences within the classroom
Local professionals will serve as guest lecturers in the classroom and as curriculum resources to teachers. In this area, we will build our own immersion experiences like the ones in Northland CAPS. Our first offering is an education strand called Education 2020.

Teachers will get authentic professional experiences in the workplace, to help them provide relevant lessons in their classrooms.

Northland Center for Advanced Professional Studies (NCAPS)
Students get immersion experience in workplaces, focusing on engineering and advanced manufacturing; technology solutions; medicine and healthcare; and global business and entrepreneurship.

Northland Career Center
Through this partnership, students learn relevant career skills in agriculture, construction, culinary arts, diesel technology, health sciences, law enforcement, IT, welding, HVAC and early childhood.

Northland Career Center Videos

Park Hill Professional Studies
Students participate in one of two courses, Education Services 2020 and Professional Studies Internship. The training video below provides information to prepare students for their initial interview with their business partner.  It discusses program details, how to prepare, what to wear, questions students may be asked and an overview of the interview process.  
2018-2019 Professional Studies Handbook (PDF)

Students should watch this video prior to going to their business partner.

Teacher Academy

Teacher Academy information (PDF)

more information on Teacher Academy (opens in new window)

Get Involved

  • Students and parents can enroll through the counseling office. Counselors will work with students to make these opportunities fit their schedules.

  • Parents and other community professionals can volunteer their time or their organization’s support to help students prepare for college and career. Contact Director of Professional Studies Stephanie Amaya at (816) 359-6468.


Northland CAPS
Northland CAPS Press Conference - Innovation Grant video

Northland Career Center