State Music Competition

Student Musicians Receive Top Honors at State Competition
This is the image for the news article titled Student Musicians Receive Top Honors at State CompetitionBand, orchestra and choir students from Park Hill School District high schools earned top honors at the Missouri State High School Activities Association’s virtual state music festival.

Musicians could earn gold, silver or bronze ratings. The gold rating is the highest level of musical achievement, the silver rating is a highly commendable level of musical achievement and the bronze rating is a commendable level of musical achievement.

The Park Hill High School orchestra director is Suzannah Smith, and the band directors are Ky Hascall and Jeff Hewitt. The choir director is Dr. Keith Curington.

The Park Hill South High School orchestra directors are Ariel Aguilar and April Whyte. The band directors are Andrew Gillespie, Charlie Boyd, Anthony Hasek and Katie Wagoner, and the percussion specialist is Charles Lovell. The choir director is Elizabeth Brockhoff.

Park Hill High School 

Solos - Gold 
Emily Jordan (LEAD Innovation Studio), violin
Jacob Kao, violin
Julia Fleischman, violin
Grace Olivier (LEAD), violin
Sydney Bolden, cello
Dillon Potts, cello
Ari Staggs, bass
Anneliese Herlyn, piccolo
Rylie Bishop, flute
Layla Nelson (LEAD), flute
Jessica Yu, clarinet
Will Kirtley, alto sax 
Trevor Stevens, alto sax
Samuel Panico, trumpet
Tyler Horton (LEAD), marimba
Adam Keehler (LEAD), marimba
Cash McElhany, marimba
Jared Blahnik, timpani
Michael Schmidt, timpani
Samuel Panico, piano
Jessica Yu, piano
Ashtin Umstattd, vocal
Trevor Stevens, vocal
Rome Runyan, vocal
Capri Runyan, vocal
Cameron Harrell, vocal
Chloe Flores, vocal
Anna Cashatt, vocal
Raeven Brownell, vocal
Emerson Bellof, vocal

Ensembles - Gold
String Quartet: Jacob Kao, Grace Olivier, Julia Fleischman and Dillon Potts
Violin Duet: Grace Olivier and Anna Verhoff
Flute Trio: Anneliese Herlyn, Maija Burns and Layla Nelson 
Flute-Clarinet Quartet: Meredith Bell, Ellie Daveline, Layla Nelson and Jessica Yu
Clarinet Quartet: Meredith Bell, Callie Clopp, Isaac Falls and Isaiah Franco
Saxophone Quartet: Trevor Stevens, Will Kirtley, Carson Bender and Logan Steele 
Saxophone Sextet: Elisha-Daniel Agbor, Gabriel Athie, West McElhany (LEAD), Logan Steele, Miranda Grantham (LEAD) and Tobias Jaycox (LEAD)
Park Hill Soprano-Soprano-Alto Trio: Capri Runyan, Meagan Shaw and Ashtin Umstattd

Solos -Silver
Angela McClaskey, viola
William Barker, viola
Olivia Funk, violin
Rylie Bishop, piccolo
Ellie Daveline, flute
Ellie Farmer, oboe
Meredith Bell, clarinet 
Julius Briscoe, trombone
Gage Brown, trombone
Adam Keehler (LEAD), snare drum
Sarah Scott (LEAD), vocal
Kevin Johnson, vocal
Parker Bennett, vocal
Maddox Bane, vocal

Ensembles - Silver
Clarinet Trio: Callie Clopp, Isaac Falls and Isaiah Franco 
Mixed Brass Quartet: Jacob Gehr, Gage Brown, Samuel Panico and Tyler Stevens 
Trombone Quartet: Andrew Eschbacher, Jacob Gehr, Julius Briscoeand Gage Brown 

Solos - Bronze
Raeven Brownell, violin
Elizabeth Fleury, violin
Sophia Allen, violin
Annemarie Jones, horn
Will Todd, vocal
Sarah Gabriel, vocal

Ensembles - Bronze
Cello Duet: Adyson Acosta and Emily Jones 
Bassoon Quartet: Abbie Moeller, Hailei Baker (LEAD), Loc Cole and Luis Tercero (LEAD)

Park Hill South High School 

Solos - Gold 
Ben Goodin, violin
Ethan McWilliams, cello
Ethan McWilliams, piano
Roslyn Strong, viola
Jack Blackburn, vocal
Amber Bracken, vocal
Ainsley Higgins, vocal
Katie Jones, vocal
Ethan McWilliams, vocal
Natalie Sledd, vocal
Julia Strauss, vocal
Sylvia Nguyen, flute
Megan Parrott, clarinet
Mia Toigo, clarinet
Sara Montalbano, trumpet
Joe Magyar, tuba

Ensembles - Gold
Soprano-Alto-Tenor-Bass Quartet: Shanee Sa'o, Madelyn Hardcastle, Jack Blackburn and Ethan McWilliams
Soprano-Alto-Bass Trio: Shanee Sa'o, Knowel Taylor and Ethan McWilliams
Soprano-Alto-Tenor-Bass Miscellaneous Ensemble: Madelyn Hardcastle, Madelyn Scudiero, Molly O'Hara, Jeffrey Hicks, Jr. and Preston Bell

Solos -Silver
Zola Rooney, cello
Alli Castor, vocal
Knowel Taylor, vocal
Elena Houts, flute
Priscilla Munoz, flute
Bea Olasz (LEAD), flute 
Grant Bergstrom, clarinet

Solos - Bronze
Ellen Hazels, cello
Penelope Munoz, clarinet