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Parents are one of the biggest influences in a child’s life. This is why we are hosting our Parenting In Challenging Times webinar series on a variety of topics to make it easier to do one of life’s hardest jobs — parenting.

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Parenting in Challenging Times: Is It Depression or Just Teen Angst?
Aug. 9, 6-7 p.m.
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With almost 11 percent of adolescents and two percent of elementary school-aged children suffering from depression, this very debilitating mood disorder is the most common mental illness among youth. Sadly, many teens will go undiagnosed and untreated, which can lead to a wide array of other psychiatric conditions, including substance abuse, anxiety, school problems or worse — thoughts of suicide and self-harm.

Because moodiness, irritability and isolation are often hallmarks of teenage growing pains, it can be hard for a parent to realize when his or her child is in need of help. At earlier ages, kids today have to cope with so much stress from school, social media, bullying, sexual identity issues, violence and exposure to traumatic events. When do isolation, moodiness, social media obsession, eating issues, poor sleeping habits or troubles at school indicate a need to take immediate action?

These dynamic, nationally recognized speakers will empower parents and directly address some of their most difficult questions. The speakers will discuss the difference between depression and just being sad, raise awareness of the risk factors and warning signs of depression, explain when to seek mental health support, and, most importantly, guide parents on how to help their children cope with life.

Depression is a serious mental illness that can affect how a child thinks, feels and behaves. It requires parents’ immediate action. It is not a phase that a kid can just snap out of when they want.

But the news is hopeful. Our speakers will address the fact that there are reliable and effective treatments for depression and that kids are resilient and can get better.

Join us for an illuminating evening as we continue our Parenting in Challenging Times webinar series. You can also learn more about Park Hill's new Signs of Suicide prevention program.


DR. SCOTT POLAND is a Professor at the College of Psychology and the Co-Director of the Suicide and Violence Prevention Office at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He previously directed psychological services for a large Texas school system for 24 years and is a past President of the National Association of School Psychologists and has testified about the mental health needs of children before the U.S. Congress on four occasions.

RICHARD LIEBERMAN is a Lecturer in the Graduate School of Education at Loyola Marymount University and from 1986-2011 he coordinated Suicide Prevention Services for Los Angeles Unified School District, the second largest school district in the US. He has co-authored numerous book chapters on suicide intervention in the schools; consulted nationally with districts experiencing suicide clusters; served on the Steering Committee for the Suicide Prevention Resource Center and contributed to both the SAMHSA Preventing Suicide and SPRC/AFSP After a Suicide school toolkits.

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No doubt today’s children and teens are exposed to extraordinary stresses at earlier ages, and they sometimes struggle to cope with social media, school violence, bullying, depression, substance abuse, sexual identity and exposure to traumatic events and losses. In this webinar, dynamic, nationally recognized speakers Scott Poland and Richard Lieberman empowered parents by directly addressing some of the most difficult questions about raising children.

Parenting in Challenging Times: Raising Resilient, Drug-Free Youth webinar
Talking about substance use and prevention can be stressful and anxiety-provoking, and navigating the drug-use landscape and keeping up with current trends can be chaotic and confusing for parents. In this webinar, Laura Bruce, program development specialist at Tri-County Mental Health Services, Inc., offered parents information about substance use, explained how drug use impacts brain development, shared facts about the most-used drugs among youth, and provided parents with tools to keep their children drug-free.