Park Hill Friends

Park Hill Friends volunteers prove that ordinary people can do extraordinary things. By spending just one hour a week with students in schools, Park Hill Friends mentors are making a world of difference in the lives of young people in the Park Hill School District.

It's Fun

Park Hill Friends is fun for both young people and adults. Volunteers can participate in a wide range of in-school activities, including sharing lunch with a student, reading to a student or class, sharing special talents or career interests, tutoring or just being a good friend who listens.

It's Flexible

Park Hill Friends accommodates the busy schedules of today's volunteers. You can volunteer with a group of students or one-to-one, you can choose the age groups you enjoy, you can select a school location close to home or work, and you can volunteer for as little as one hour a week.

It Makes a Difference

Studies show the presence of a positive adult role model in a young person's life builds confidence, encourages kids to set and achieve goals, and helps young people succeed.

Apply Online

If you are interested in becoming a Park Hill Friend please fill out our online application.

For more information about the Park Hill Friends program in Park Hill, contact Matthew Kenwright at (816) 359-6739.