The Park Hill School District is centralizing advertising.

This change will bring in additional revenue to benefit students, it will provide greater accountability for advertising funds, it will make our advertising rates consistent, and it will minimize the flood of requests our supportive business community gets.

Advertising information (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions

Which tools that groups use to bring in resources for student programs will this affect?





In exchange for money or an in-kind donation, we provide a business or organization with a promotional opportunity.

Affected (see details below)


In exchange for money or an in-kind donation, we publicly list the name of the business or organization with no promotional opportunity.

Not affected


We sell goods or services.

Not affected


We accept goods and services.

Not affected unless we provide a promotional opportunity in exchange for the donation

Will programs receive less funding?
We expect this change to bring in more revenue to benefit students. The district will make sure our student programs will receive at least as much funding from advertising as they did before this change.

Who will sell and produce the ads?
The district will be responsible for the sale and production of the ads win various forms of media.  The district is working with a marketing firm to assist with the sale of the advertisements and the production of the media.

Where will the advertising appear?
The district will sell and produce advertising in these restricted formats:

• Schedule cards
• Posters
• Magnets
• Media guides
• Football game programs
• Baseball, softball and basketball scorecards
• Soccer, wrestling and volleyball match cards
• Banners
• Public address announcements
• Promotional materials
• Scoreboards
• Websites

Unrestricted formats include:
• School newspapers
• Yearbooks
• T-shirts
• Swimming heat sheets
• Student planners
• Playbills
• PTA newsletters and buzz books

If a group still wants to sell print advertising, how does this work?

The group must check to make sure the advertiser is on the district’s approved list or request to have the advertiser added to the approved list.

If the group wants to sell a printed advertisement in one of the restricted formats, it must use the district’s rate sheet, get the advertising agreement signed, and meet all the district’s publication deadlines. If the group wants to sell an ad in an unrestricted format, it will be responsible for producing the ad.

Revenue from advertising goes entirely to the booster club or other group selling it.

How do I obtain approval to sale an advertisement?
District staff is designing forms that are consistent with student fundraising forms that will facilitate the approval process.  It is anticipated that these forms, including a rate sheet, will be available during the first week of July, 2015.

How do I find more information about this change?
We are here to help with this transition. If you have any questions, please contact Assistant Superintendent Dr. Paul Kelly at (816) 359-4020, Park Hill High School Activity Director Bill Erneste at (816) 359-4110, or Park Hill South Activity Director John Carr at (816) 359-4120. We will continue to update this page.