Job Descriptions

Accounting Assistant (PDF)
Accounting Coordinator (PDF)
Accounts Payable Assistant (PDF)
Administrative Assistant - Activities (PDF)
Administrative Assistant - Assistant Principal (PDF)
Administrative Assistant - Bookkeeper (PDF)
Administrative Assistant - Community Ed (PDF)
Administrative Assistant - Counselor (PDF)
Administrative Assistant - Director (PDF)
Administrative Assistant - Gerner EEC (PDF)
Administrative Assistant - High School Registrar (PDF)
Administrative Assistant - Maint-Grounds (PDF)
Administrative Assistant - Nutrition Services (PDF)
Administrative Assistant - School Age Child Care (PDF)
Administrative Assistant - Special Services (PDF)
Administrative Assistant - Student Services (PDF)
Administrative Assistant - Technology (PDF)
Administrative Assistant to the Supt-Board of Ed (PDF)
Applications Engineer (PDF)
Aquatic Center Coordinator (PDF)
Aquatic Center-Lifeguard (PDF)
Aquatic Center-Water Aerobics Instructor (PDF)
Assistant Coordinator - Aquatic Center (PDF)
Assistant Head Custodian - Middle School (PDF)
Assistant Head Custodian - Secondary School (PDF)
Assistant Principal - Elementary (PDF)
Assistant Principal - High School Athletic-Activities (PDF)
Assistant Principal - High School (PDF)
Assistant Principal - Middle School (PDF)
Assistant Superintendent - Academic Services (PDF)
Assistant Superintendent - Business and Technology (PDF)
Assistant Superintendent - Human Resources (PDF)
Assistant Superintendent - School Improvement (PDF)
AVID Tutor (PDF)
Baker (PDF)
Benefits Assistant (PDF)
Benefits Coordinator (PDF)
Cadre Coach (PDF)
Campus Supervisor (PDF)
Carpenter (PDF)
Clerical Substitute (PDF)
Coach (PDF)
Communication Services Intern (PDF)
Communication Specialist - Promotion and Production (PDF)
Communication Specialist (PDF)
Coordinator - Community Services (PDF)
Coordinator of Curriculum and Student Services (PDF)
Coordinator of Early Education Programs (PDF)
Custodial Manager (PDF)
Custodial Trainer (PDF)
Custodian - 3rd Shift (PDF)
Custodian - Events (PDF)
Custodian (PDF)
Data Systems Analyst I (PDF)
Data Systems Analyst II (PDF)
Diagnostician (PDF)
Director Of Research, Evaluation and Assessment (PDF)
Director of Elementary Education (PDF)
Director of Secondary Education (PDF)
Director of Safety and Security (PDF)
Director of Student Services (PDF)
Director of Technology (PDF)
Director-Nutrition Service (PDF)
Director-Special Services (PDF)
District Lead Safety Monitor (PDF)
District Safety Monitor (PDF)
Driver-Warehouse Worker I - Maintenance (PDF)
Driver-Warehouse Worker I - Nutrition Services (PDF)
Electrician (PDF)
Elementary Nutrition Services Manager (PDF)
Energy Education Specialist (PDF)
Executive Administrative Assistant - Gerner EEC (PDF)
Executive Administrative Assistant - Principal (PDF)
Executive Administrative Assistant - Russell Jones Administrator (PDF)
Executive Administrative Assistant - Supt and BOE (PDF)
Executive Assistant - Assistant Superintendent (PDF)
Fitness Center Attendant
Fitness Specialist (PDF)
Grounds Supervisor (PDF)
Groundskeeper (PDF)
Head Custodian - Elementary School (PDF)
Head Custodian - District Office (PDF)
Head Custodian - Secondary School (PDF)
Health Enhancement Coordinator (PDF)
Health Services Coordinator (PDF)
Help Desk Support Specialist (PDF)
Health Champion (PDF)
High School Bookkeeper (PDF)
High School Nutrition Services Manager (PDF)
Human Resources Analyst-Trainer (PDF)
HVAC Technician I (PDF)
HVAC Technician II (PDF)
In School Suspension Supervisor (PDF)
Infrastructure Technician I (PDF)
Infrastructure Technician II (PDF)
Instructional Coach (PDF)
Instructional Technology Coordinator (PDF)
Instructional Technology Facilitator (PDF)
Instructional Coach - Title I (PDF)
Intervention Specialist (PDF)
Lead Applications Engineer (PDF)
Lead Driver-Warehouse Worker - Nutrition Services (PDF)
Lead HVAC Technician (PDF)
Lead Infrastructure Technician (PDF)
Lead Network Engineer (PDF)
Lead Technology Support Specialist (PDF)
Lunchroom-Playground Supervisor (PDF)
Lunchroom Supervisor Copy Assistant-Middle School (PDF)
Main Dish Chef (PDF)
Manager - Data Systems (PDF)
Manager - Network and Infrastructure (PDF)
Manager - Technology Support (PDF)
Mechanic (PDF)
Media Assistant - Elementary (PDF)
Media Assistant - Middle School-High School (PDF)
Media Processor (PDF)
Network Engineer (PDF)
Nurse I - Licensed Practical Nurse (PDF)
Nurse II - Registered Nurse Gerner EEC (PDF)
Nurse II - Registered Nurse (PDF)
Nutrition Services Assistant (PDF)
Nutrition Services Coordinator - Dietician (PDF)
Nutritional Services Operations Coordinator (PDF)
Operations Manager (PDF)
Painter (PDF)
Parent Educator (PDF)
Preschool Associate Teacher (PDF)
Preschool Lead Teacher (PDF)
Payroll Assistant (PDF)
Payroll Coordinator (PDF)
Percussion Coach (PDF)
Physical Therapist (PDF)
Plumber (PDF)
Principal - Elementary (PDF)
Principal - Middle School (PDF)
Principal - High School (PDF)
Principal - Innovation Studio (PDF)
Principal - Russell Jones Education Center (PDF)
Purchasing Agent (PDF)
Quality Assurance & Support Manager - Nutrition Services (PDF)
Receptionist - District (PDF)
Receptionist - High School (PDF)
Recovery Room Interventionist (PDF)
Registrar (PDF)
Resource Assistant (PDF)
RtI Facilitator (PDF)
RtI - AT Facilitator (PDF)
Salad Chef (PDF)
School Counselor (PDF)
School Based Therapist (PDF)
Secondary and Gerner EEC Nutrition Services Manager (PDF)
Social Worker (PDF)
School Age Child Care Associate Teacher (PDF)
School Age Child Care Site Manager (PDF)
School Psychologist (PDF)
Sign Language Interpreter (PDF)
Special Education Process Coordinator (PDF)
Specialist - Technology Support (PDF)
Specialized Teacher Assistant (PDF)
Substitute Teacher (PDF)
Substitute Coordinator (PDF)
Systems Engineer (PDF)
Teacher (PDF)
Teacher Assistant - 60 hours or more (PDF)
Teacher Assistant - Less than 60 hours (PDF)
Teacher Assistant - Virtual Learning (PDF)
Technology Purchasing and Inventory Coordinator (PDF)
Technology Solutions Analyst (PDF)
Technology Support Specialist I (PDF)
Technology Support Specialist II (PDF)
Video Technology Specialist (PDF)
Virtual Academy Instructor (PDF)