Spelling Bee

Due to restrictions put in place regarding social distancing and gathering sizes,  we will be administering an online assessment to determine our winner. Scripps developed an online testing platform for schools to host competitions and name champions in these circumstances.  More information about the Scripps online testing platform can be found here:  https://spellingbee.com/faq.    

The bee will be administered in two parts, a school level competition available February 9, 10, or 11 and a district level competition available February 17.  Students participating will log on to the platform and complete the school level assessment at home on one of the three available dates.  Parents are asked to proctor this assessment by providing supervision to ensure the integrity of the assessment.  Students who qualify for the second round of the bee, the district level bee, will be notified on Friday February 12.  These students will complete the district level assessment in the same manner on February 17.  The first place speller will participate in the national bee, the top three spellers will receive trophies, the top ten will receive medals and all participants will receive a ribbon and a certificate.

All current Park Hill 5th through 8th graders are eligible, but students must sign up by 
February 1 to participate. Please click here for information on how to register.

Register here.


Practice Lists

2021 Words of the Champions.pdf

2021_Printable_Words of the Champions.pdf

School List with Definitions.pdf

School List.pdf