Enroll in Park Hill

Families move to the Park Hill School District all the time because of the quality of our schools. The links and documents below will help you as you consider your move to Park Hill or enroll your new student. Children who turn five on or before July 31 are eligible for kindergarten.

New Park Hill Families - Enrollment Steps 

Note: Enrollment for the 2020-2021 school year opens April 1.

  1. Review required student health information.

  2. Find your school with the school boundary locator tool.

  3. Complete the online enrollment process. 

  4. After completing the online enrollment process, contact your school to schedule your enrollment meeting.

Please see the definitions of terms below if you have questions.

Current Park Hill Families - Enroll Additional Students

  1. Review required student health information.

  2. Visit the Parent Portal to enroll your family's new students.

Please see the definitions of terms below if you have questions.

Trying to verify information and prove residency for your currently-enrolled students? Visit our Online Verification & Residency page.


District report card (select Park Hill in the drop-down menu)
Schools in Park Hill
School boundary locator tool
School-year calendar 
School-age child care

definition of TERMS

  • Enrollment - The process the district uses to accept new students

  • Verification - An annual review of all current information the district has for existing enrolled students

  • Residency - Proof that students attending Park Hill schools live within the geographic boundaries of the Park Hill School District
    • New families are required to prove residency during enrollment. All families are required to verify residency every year. 

  • Household - All members of a family that live together under one roof

  • Guardian - A person with a legally established relationship to a student and who is responsible for the student's care and well-being
    • Only a guardian who lives with a student can complete enrollment or verification for that student.

  • Emergency Contact - Someone who may assume short-term responsibility for a student in case the guardian cannot be reached

  • Non-Household Relationship - A person connected to the student who is not part of the student's household. This may include emergency contacts and guardians who do not live full-time with the student.

  • School Boundary Locator Tool - A tool used to determine the school a student will attend, based on their address.

  • Enrollment Year - The school year in which the enrolling student will start school
    • Example: if a student will start school in October 2018, their enrollment year will be 18-19, because the school year ends in 2019.
    • If a student will start school in March 2019, their enrollment year will be also be 18-19. 
    • If a student will start school in August 2019, their enrollment year will be 19-20.

Liaison/Point of Contact for Students in Foster Care

The district designates the Coordinator of Educational Programs Dr. Andy Schuerman as the liaison for students in foster care. The liaison will provide assistance regarding all aspects of the enrollment, placement, transfer and withdrawal of children in foster care. Please see Board Policy IGBE for more information about enrollment and placement of students in foster care. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Dr. Schuerman at 816-359-5652.