Crisis Response Plan

Park Hill takes steps every day to protect students and staff. Our crisis response plan includes strategies to prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from a crisis in our schools.


The best way to address a crisis is to prevent it ever happening at all. The Park Hill School District has several programs designed to address issues before they become crisis situations.
  • Peer mediation programs to help students learn to resolve conflicts
  • Bullying prevention programs
  • Counselors, social workers and recovery room specialists
  • Uniformed police officers serving in our high schools and middle schools as school resource officers
  • Secure buildings with locked exterior doors, photo ID badges for employees and check-in procedures for visitors 


Park Hill's crisis planning process includes preparing students and staff for possible dangers.
  • Regular drills at the schools for hazards like fires, severe weather, earthquakes, evacations, intruders, bomb threats and environmental hazards
  • Regular updating of the crisis response plan
  • Regular training of the crisis response teams 


In order to make our crisis response plans as effective as possible, Park Hill worked with our first responders from every police, fire, ambulance, health and mental health department with a district school in its jurisdiction.
  • Extensive plans for evacuations, relocations, lock-downs and many other safety measures
  • Secure online access for crisis responders to plans, maps, site hazards and necessary information about students and staff 


After a crisis, the district will work to help students and staff recover from the experience and get back to a sense of normalcy. 
  • Work with district counselors, local mental health workers and local clergy to provide counseling to those affected
  • Return to the learning process as soon as possible

possible goals and Actions for future improvements:

To keep our crisis response plan up-to-date with the latest safety threats, we are working on a Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan with the Platte County Sheriff's Department and the Mid-America Regional Council.

Together, we identified possible actions for improving Park Hill's emergency preparation, which are aligned with a goal from our strategic plan (CSIP), "Ensure a safe, caring environment for students, staff and visitors." 
  • Purchase a portable, three-phase generator to supply electrical power in case of an emergency.
  • Purchase additional external cameras to further reduce property damage and identify potential threats to the school.
  • Purchase additional network storage to increase archived video storage.
  • Purchase software or devices to improve internal and external communication during a crisis.

If you have any questions or feedback about the district's crisis response plan or our possible goals for improvement, please contact Director of Student Services Dr. Josh Colvin at (816) 359-4036.