Redistricting Committee

Selection Process

Interested patrons applied to serve on the committee. Board President Bart Klein and Superintendent Dr. Jeanette Cowherd selected applicants. 


Dec. 5 meeting agenda (PDF)
Nov. 29 meeting agenda (PDF)
Nov. 14 meeting agenda (PDF)
Oct. 29 meeting agenda (PDF)
Oct. 22 meeting agenda (PDF)
Oct. 10 meeting agenda (PDF)
Sept. 26 meeting agenda (PDF)
Sept. 10 meeting agenda (PDF)
Aug. 27 meeting agenda (PDF)
Aug. 16 meeting agenda (PDF)

Committee Members

  • Dr. Steven Archer, Union Chapel Elementary principal
  • Layla Barbur, community member
  • Justin Barton, community member
  • Allyson Berberich, community member
  • Kurk Broksas, community member
  • Kirsten Clemons, Lakeview Middle School principal
  • Michael Cross, community member
  • Jennifer Culp, community member
  • Robin Davis, Line Creek Elementary principal
  • Terri Deayon, Southeast Elementary principal
  • Christopher Early, Plaza Middle School assistant principal
  • Dr. LuAnn Halverstadt, Graden Elementary principal
  • Lee Heinerikson, Chinn Elementary principal
  • Dr. Melissa Hensley, Renner Elementary principal
  • George Hudson, community member
  • Jen Johnson, community member
  • Sasha Kalis, Renner Elementary assistant principal
  • Dr. Paul Kelly, assistant superintendent, committee chair
  • Dr. Mike Kimbrel, executive director, administration
  • Dr. Brad Kincheloe, Park Hill High School principal
  • Amy Koons, community member
  • Dr. Dale Longenecker, Park Hill South High School principal
  • Susan Mason, community member
  • Staci Moran, community member
  • Jay Niceswanger, Prairie Point Elementary principal
  • Gwen O'Brien, community member
  • Lindsey Partington, community member
  • Jada Rawlings, community member
  • Brooke Renton, Hawthorn Elementary principal
  • Jim Rich, director, administration
  • Dr. Desiree Rios, Tiffany Ridge Elementary principal
  • Dr. Kerry Roe, English Landing Elementary principal
  • Kelley Sampson, community member
  • Erica Scott, community member
  • Jill Snow, community member
  • Dr. Ryan Stanley, LEAD Innovation Studio principal
  • Keelie Stucker, Plaza Middle School assistant principal
  • Dr. Tim Todd, Congress Middle School principal
  • Christopher Toigo, community member
  • Stacie Valle, community member
  • Gwen Van Asselt, community member
  • Rachel Ward, Gerner Family Early Education Center coordinator
  • Dr. Tressa Wright, Plaza Middle School principal

Group   Count
Committee Chair   One   Dr. Paul Kelly, assistant superintendent for business and technology
Patrons   20  
Representatives from:
  • Elementary schools
  • Middle schools
  • High schools
Principals   20  

Administrators from:

  • Early education center
  • Elementary schools
  • Middle schools
  • High schools
District administrators   Two  
  • Dr. Mike Kimbrel, executive director for quality and evaluation

  • Jim Rich, director of operations

Resource (ex-officio)
  • Dr. Jasmine Briedwell, director of elementary education
  • Dr. Jaime Dial, director of secondary education
  • David Dinges, branch manager at First Student
  • Nicole Kirby, director of communications
  • Demographic consultant