Redistricting Criteria

Enrollment Balance
  • Goal: Balance enrollment among all schools at each level (elementary, middle and high)

  • Measure: Weighted enrollment counts, students per square foot standards

  • Priority/Weight: High

  • Considerations: Special programming, projecting future growth

Transportation Distance and Safety
  • Goal: Organize students in attendance boundaries to minimize transportation distance and prioritize students' safety and health

  • Measure: Average bus route distance per student

  • Priority/Weight: Medium
Maintain Subdivisions
  • Goal: Structure boundaries to maintain district subdivisions within one school attendance boundary at each level

  • Measure: Intact subdivision counts

  • Priority/Weight: Medium
Socio-Economic Balance
  • Goal: Have a socio-economic balance for all school attendance areas at each level (elementary, middle and high) that is representative of the entire community

  • Measure: Free and reduced percentages by attendance area

  • Priority/Weight: Medium

  • Considerations: Defined ranges for optimal, adequate, acceptable and undesirable targets
Minimal Attendance Area Changes
  • Goal: Minimize the number of students that change schools

  • Measure: Number of students changing schools within grade levels

  • Priority/Weight: Low