2017 Journalism Awards

High-School Journalism Students Win Awards
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Park Hill School District students on the newspaper, yearbook and broadcast staffs at both high schools brought home awards from the Missouri Interscholastic Press Association’s Journalism Day 2017, held at the University of Missouri.

Park Hill South High School


  • “The View” staff, overall news magazine
  • “South Paw Yearbook,” overall yearbook
  • Cienna Newett, junior, seven recognitions for newsmagazine design, infographic and photo illustration
  • Lieana Sherry, senior, and Emma Beuerlein, sophomore, yearbook package
  • Joe Leluga, junior, and Ellie Knechtel, junior, newspaper op-ed writing
  • Samantha Oathout, senior, sports action photo
  • Lisa Schellstede, senior, yearbook module
  • Jacob Young, junior, and Payton Havermann, sophomore, broadcast news feature
  • Cassidy Hedrick, sophomore, broadcast sports feature
  • Miranda Steczak, senior, broadcast sports feature

Superior Awards:

  • Hailey Deeds, junior, newspaper diversity writing and photo illustration
  • Ellie Knechtel, junior, newspaper diversity writing
  • Grace Dieleman, sophomore, newspaper diversity writing
  • Lieana Sherry, senior; Alayna Cogswell, sophomore; Kate Kobayashi, sophomore; and Lilly Wickham, sophomore, yearbook diversity coverage
  • Cienna Newett, junior, two recognitions for photo illustration
  • Elaina Cassity, junior, sports action photo
  • Alayna Cogswell, sophomore, sports action photo
  • Kaitlyn Roos, senior, yearbook module
  • Delaney Barnicle, junior; Maddie Anderson, senior; Elaina Cassity, junior; Anjonette Herrera, sophomore, yearbook package
  • Sophie Granger, junior, yearbook writing


  • Anna Preuss, senior, newspaper diversity writing
  • Anne Price, junior, newspaper diversity writing
  • Cienna Newett, junior, newsmagazine page design
  • Adriana Rivera, senior, academics photo
  • Alayna Cogswell, sophomore, yearbook module
  • Kate Hunter, sophomore, broadcast human interest feature
  • “South Side Scoop” staff and Executive Producer Madison Flynn, junior, overall broadcast

Honorable Mention:

  • Madison Flynn, junior, broadcast human interest feature
  • Samantha Oathout, senior, yearbook diversity coverage
  • Anna Preuss, senior, newspaper feature writing
  • Elyssa Bezner, sophomore, newspaper feature writing
  • Lexi Maddox, senior, infographics
  • Adam Frazier, senior, newspaper sports writing
  • Bret Vanice, junior, newspaper sports writing
  • Joe Leluga, junior, two recognitions for social media reporting
  • Emma Beuerlein, sophomore; Lisa Schellstede, senior; Eden Black, sophomore; Ty Lewis, junior, yearbook package
  • Lisa Schellstede, senior; Lieana Sherry, senior; Delaney Barnicle, junior, yearbook package

Park Hill High School


  • Delaney Noland, senior, newspaper/news magazine op-ed
  • Lydia Carter, senior, yearbook diversity
  • Megan Monroe, senior, newspaper/news magazine infographic
  • Tate Cleveland, senior, photography
  • Kyleigh Conkling, senior, photography
  • Judiann McMahon, junior, photography
  • “Trojan TV News” staff and Executive Producer Kelley Collins, senior, overall broadcast
  • Meghan Elley, senior, and Liam Henry, junior, human interest feature
  • Liam Henry, junior, sports feature story


  • Emily Meier, senior, two recognitions for sports action photo
  • Gracie Link, sophomore, academic photo
  • Jacob Blair, senior, news story and sports feature story


  • Emily Koelliker, junior, two recognitions for portrait photography
  • Kyleigh Conkling, senior, photo
  • Megan Monroe, senior; Joseph Walker, senior; and Delaney
  • Noland, senior, newspaper/news magazine feature story
  • Gracie Link, sophomore, academic photo
  • Jacob Blair, senior, sports feature story
  • Jackson Elder, junior, news story

Honorable Mention:

  • Keeley Myszka, senior, two recognitions for sports action photo
  • Breanna Reno, senior, diversity yearbook
  • Kyleigh Conkling, senior, newspaper/news magazine news story
  • “Trojan” staff, overall newspaper/news magazine

The broadcast teacher for both high schools is Justin Ford. The yearbook and newspaper teachers are Sally Beran from PHHS and Megan Palmer from Park Hill South.