School Contact Phone Numbers

Site contact numbers are to communicate with your school's Site Manager. If you have questions about registration or billing, please contact the Community Services business office at 816-359-5006 or email

 School Site Manager Phone number  Email 
 Chinn Faith Conrad  816-359-5014
 English Landing  Ace Chambers  816-359-5018
 Graden  Jaclyn Uptegrove  816-359-5015
 Hawthorn  Kersten Conner  816-359-5020
 Hopewell  Maliha Shahid  816-359-5023
 Line Creek  Hannah Merchant  816-359-5013
 Plaza  Victoria Harter  816-359-5021
 Prairie Point  Sydney Morgan  816-359-5019
 Renner  Desiree Bohrn  816-359-5016
 Southeast  Danielle Reeder  816-359-5017
 Tiffany Ridge  Josh Repplinger  816-359-5061
 Union Chapel  Kaitlynn Ford  816-359-5012