High ACT Scores

District High School Students Earn Top ACT Scores
This is the image for the news article titled District High School Students Earn Top ACT ScoresFollowing the state’s change in requirements, the district's class of 2016 is the first class in which all students took the ACT at least once during their junior year.

Park Hill School District students earned a 22.3 composite score — one of the highest scores in the state (final comparative scores are not yet available).

The score is significant because the district had 97.4 percent of 2016 graduates (820 students) take the test. This is the highest percentage and number of district students to take the ACT.

The increased number of students taking the test contributed to a 1.6 drop in scores from the district’s all-time high score of 23.9 in 2015 (see graph below). Requiring all students to take the ACT set a new baseline for the test because it brings in students who otherwise weren’t preparing to take the test and who tend to score lower.

Fortunately, it also provides a more accurate assessment of district performance and an opportunity for every student to take a college readiness assessment like the ACT.

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