KC Cappies

Park Hill High School Students Nominated for Theater Awards
This is the image for the news article titled Park Hill High School Students Nominated for Theater AwardsStudents from Park Hill High School received nominations from the Kansas City Cappies. This program trains high-school theater and journalism students to be critics who attend shows at other schools, write reviews and publish those reviews in local papers. At the end of the school year, the student critics vote on the nominations and awards that will be presented during the Cappies Gala on May 27.

“The Producers”

Marketing and Publicity
Kayla Decker, junior

Kelly Decker, junior; Madison Fairfield, senior

Justin Galang, sophomore; Sophia Cuni-Mertz, junior; June Guwn, junior; Claire Loyd, sophomore; Camille Laude, junior; Lian Huff, sophomore; Corey McNab, senior; Samantha Nolte, senior; Sarah Werner, junior; Gillian Hance, sophomore; Rachael Smith, junior; Marie Parker, senior; Emily Green, junior; Nick Foster, senior; Maya Kincheloe, sophomore; Wesley Tran, senior; Danny Rider, senior; Abby Bowser, senior; Payton Vahldick, senior; Kai Shafe, sophomore; Desten Rose, senior; Alec Lamb, sophomore; Jillian Flagler, senior

Stage Management and Stage Crew
Caitlin Crosby, freshman; Kelly Decker, junior; Fairfield, senior; Leia Fonseca, freshman; Tristan Hardy, freshman; Nathanuel Rice, sophomore

Ensemble in a Musical
Fairfield, senior; Janessa Almstedt, senior; Eva Su, senior; Margeaux Robinson, freshman; Selena Bryant-Borja, sophomore; Sydney Caldwell, junior; Kayla Decker, junior; Kelly Decker, junior; Ally Dresslaer, sophomore; Paige Harberts, freshman; Abigail Bidwell, freshman; Lauren Szala, sophomore; Danielle Wallace, sophomore; Courtney Klein, junior; Andrea Tenney, senior;
Julia Noll, senior

Featured Actor
Lawrence Suba, sophomore

Female Dancer
Laklynn Hanlon, sophomore

Male Vocalist
Blair Walker, senior

Comic Actor in a Musical
Josh Davidson, senior

Supporting Actor in a Musical
Eric Mathis, senior

Lead Actress in a Musical
Deanna Eberhart, sophomore

Lead Actor in a Musical
Payton Dishman, senior

Kayla Decker, junior
Kelly Decker, junior

Critic Team
Kayla Decker, junior; Kelly Decker, junior, Davidson, senior; Fairfield, senior; Klein, junior; Sara Herdman, junior; Kelley Collins, junior; Eva Su, senior

Davidson, senior; Suba, sophomore; Dishman, senior; Mathis, senior; Ethan Simon, freshman; Ryan Decker, junior; Jade Wiley, sophomore; Nick Hart, senior; Ben Tuimauga, sophomore

The PHHS orchestra director is Stephanie Hill, the PHHS theatre director is Jennifer Jarman Sandau, the PHHS choir director is Dr. Keith Curington and Liz Henderson is the PHHS accompanist.